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There Is A Massive Demand For Certified Speakers, Coaches, and Corporate Trainers Right Now!

The demand for personal development, executive coaching, and corporate training is not just growing—it's booming, with substantial financial incentives and burgeoning market opportunities for professionals in the field. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for speakers, coaches, and corporate trainers looking to expand their impact and income.

The global personal development market was valued at approximately $43.77 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% from 2023 to 2030. This growth is fueled by a strong emphasis on acquiring new skills, performance improvement, self-awareness, and personal growth across various sectors, including corporations, government, and educational organizations. (

Notably, the personal coaching/training segment commands the largest revenue share, further segmented into executive and leadership coaching, financial coaching, career coaching, and others. Technological advancements and digital platforms have made coaching more accessible, contributing significantly to this segment's dominance. (

Executive coaching, in particular, demonstrates a high return on investment (ROI), with companies reporting an average ROI of $7.90 for every $1 invested, impacting one-third of all Fortune 500 companies as part of their standard leadership development programs. (

Moreover, the career coaching market alone is valued at $15.4 billion, with a steady growth projection, highlighting the substantial economic impact and opportunities within this industry. (

The sales coaching software industry, currently valued over $47.6 billion, is another significant area of growth, expected to nearly double to $88.7 billion by 2032. This market has documented a year-over-year growth rate of 8.4%, underlining the increasing need to improve sales performance and the efficacy of sales coaching, which creates a staggering 962% return on investment. (

As the demand for life coaches has never been higher, with an astonishing 9 out of 10 coaches currently saying they have active clients—a 55% increase from 2019—the coaching industry as a whole is thriving, reflecting the individual and economic impacts of professional coaching. (

Learning and Development (L&D) trends for 2023-2024 suggest a shift towards more personalized, data-driven, and secure learning experiences, emphasizing the importance of adapting training to reflect individual situations rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. (


Why Enroll in a Powernality™ Certification Program?

By becoming certified with SuperPowered University™, professionals can position themselves at the forefront of this expanding market, leveraging a unique, strengths-based approach to personal and professional development.

Our certification program not only equips you with the latest insights and methodologies in the field but also promises to connect you with lucrative opportunities in a market eager for transformation and growth.

In summary, the burgeoning demand across personal development, executive coaching, and corporate training sectors presents a ripe opportunity for professionals equipped with the right skills and certification.

SuperPowered University™ offers a pathway to tap into this lucrative market, providing the credentials and connections needed to thrive in an industry where the impact and economic rewards are substantial and growing.

Empowerment and Self-Discovery: Uncover and enhance your innate SuperPowers, embarking on a transformative journey to realize your authentic Super-Self.

Professional Excellence: Acquire unique insights and skills that set you apart in your field, whether you are in sales, marketing, leadership, or any other professional domain.

Community and Belonging: Become part of a pioneering community of individuals dedicated to personal and professional growth through the principles of Powernality™.

Long-Term Value: The skills, insights, and transformations gained through this program have lasting impacts, enriching both personal life and professional endeavors.

SuperPowered University™ invites professionals, leaders, and visionaries to join this groundbreaking certification program. Through an engaging, insightful, and transformative curriculum, participants will not only discover their SuperPowers but will also learn how to wield them to bring about positive change in themselves and the environments they influence. Enroll today to embark on this journey of empowerment, transformation, and professional excellence.

Discover Your Path to Professional Success with A Powernality™ Certification

As the personal development, executive coaching, and corporate training industries continue to expand, professionals with the right certification stand to make a significant impact—and income.

The Powernality™ Certification Program at SuperPowered University™ offers a unique opportunity to tap into this lucrative market, equipping you with cutting-edge skills and insights.

Our program promises not just to certify, but to connect you with high-demand opportunities across various sectors.

Embrace the chance to transform your career and the lives of others in an industry where the rewards are as vast as the potential for growth.

Unlock your professional potential by exploring our Powernality™ Certification Program and join the ranks of successful coaches shaping the future of personal development and corporate training.

How Certification Works.

SuperPowered University™ is proud to introduce a pioneering certification program in Powernality™, an innovative and strength-based psychometric assessment and training system.

This program is designed to systematically unveil and harness the inherent SuperPowers and navigate the limitations of individuals, thereby fostering a transformative journey towards realizing one’s authentic Super-Self.

Through a meticulously curated curriculum, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and professional excellence across various specialized channels, with the Primary Certification channel being the cornerstone of this endeavor.

Special Recognition Titles

Charter Member:
Awarded to the trailblazers who are among the earliest adopters of Powernality™, recognizing their pioneering spirit and commitment.

Pilot or Inaugural Member:
Honors those who join during the pre-launch phase of SuperPowered University™, acknowledging their early belief in and support for the vision of Powernality™.

Founding Member:
Celebrates the first large group of certified individuals, recognizing their foundational role in the Powernality™ community.

2024 Eligibility.

🌟 Are You the Right Fit for Certification?

Discover If You Have What It Takes:

At the heart of the SuperPowered University Courses are the core values of Powernality™.  Students, Faculty, and Alumni have a lifelong commitment to the pursuit of excellence, growth, and having a genuine impact. We're seeking individuals who embody these three core characteristics:


Driven by a Mission:

🎯 Purposeful Ambition: 

    • Your drive is fueled by a deeper mission.
    • If you're still exploring what that is, don't worry – we're here to help you uncover it.
    • The key is your willingness to embark on this journey of discovery and purpose.


Empathetic Visionaries:

💖 Deep Empathy and Concern for Others: 

    • You have a genuine desire to see others succeed.
    • Your empathy guides you to treat everyone with the same respect and care as you would your most cherished loved ones.
    • This trait is crucial, as it underpins your ability to value and thrive within teams and communities.


Our Formula for Authenticity:

🤝 Integrity + Transparency: 

    • We believe that the blend of unwavering integrity and clear transparency forms the essence of authenticity.
    • Transparency is vital for healthy interactions, whereas vulnerability, without safeguards, can be risky.
    • Understanding this subtle difference is crucial for creating authentic and safe spaces for growth and development.

Do These Traits Resonate With You?

      If you see yourself in these characteristics, you might just be the ideal candidate for our various courses and programs. We're not just looking for professionals – we're looking for changemakers, leaders, and visionaries ready to take their careers to new heights.

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      2024 Main Certification Programs

      Level 1: Foundations of Powernality™
      (CLICK HERE for Course Details)

      Objective: To lay a foundational understanding of Powernality™, its core principles, and methodologies.

      Focus Areas: Introduction to the Powernality™ Compass, understanding the distinct SuperHero Avatars, and the significance of SuperPowered Emojis in identifying and expressing individual SuperPowers.

      Training Length: 10 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $1477.77

      Prerequisites: none

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      Level 2: Interactions within Powernality™
      (CLICK HERE for Course Details)

      Objective: To explore the dynamics of interactions between different Powernalities™ and their historical significance.

      Focus Areas: Detailed analysis of Energy Generation, Speed, Mission Focus, and Priorities; plus Cross, Counter, Contra, and Compeer interactions, providing insights into how different Powernalities™ interact and influence each other.

      Training Length: 12 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $2477.77

      Prerequisites: Level 1 Certification

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      Level 3:Advanced Application Dynamics
      (CLICK HERE for Course Details)

      Objective: To delve into the advanced application of Powernality™ in personal and professional contexts.

      Focus Areas: Exploration of Hybrids and the intricate dynamics they present, enhancing the ability to apply Powernality™ in complex scenarios.

      Training Length: 10 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $3477.77

      Prerequisites: Level 2 Certification

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      Level 4: Power Status & Intro To SuperHeroes and SuperVillians
      (CLICK HERE for Course Details)

      Objective: To understand and manage the Power Status, a milestone in the Powernality™ journey signifying mastery over one's SuperPowers.

      Focus Areas: Strategies and techniques to unlock and maximize the potential of one's SuperPowers, leading to maintaining High Power Status to stay in SuperHero Mode.

      Training Length: 18 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $4477.77

      Prerequisites: Level 3 Certification

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      Level 5: Understanding SuperHeroes and SuperVillains
      (CLICK HERE for Course Details)

      Objective: To distinguish between the heroic and villainous manifestations of Powernality™.

      Focus Areas: Identification and cultivation of SuperHero traits, understanding and mitigating the influences that may lead to a SuperVillain manifestation, emphasizing the ethical and positive application of one’s SuperPowers.

      Training Length: 20 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $5577.77

      Prerequisites: Level 4 Certification

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      SUPERPOWER'D Servanthood™ 101
      (CLICK HERE for Course Details)

      Objective: To provide an understanding of the biblical origins of Powernality™, integrating scriptures, Hebrew, and Koine Greek words.

      Focus Areas: Exploration of the biblical foundations of the Powernality™ system from Genesis to Revelation, analysis of scriptural characters, and the introduction of Hebrew and Greek terminology related to Powernality™.

      Training Length: 12 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $2477.00

      Prerequisites: none

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      Level 1 Certification Overview

      certification level 1 thumbnail

      Level 1:
      Foundations of Powernality™

      • Objective: To establish a comprehensive understanding of the foundational principles, concepts, and methodologies that underpin Powernality™. This initial level is designed to introduce participants to the core elements of the Powernality™ system, ensuring a solid grounding in its unique approach to psychometric assessment and personal development.
      • Focus Areas:
        • Conceptual Foundation: An introduction to the innovative concept of Powernality™, emphasizing its strengths-based approach and the distinction between SuperPowers (innate strengths) and limitations (areas for growth). A thorough explanation of the Powernality™ Compass, delineating the hemispheres and quadrants that categorize the four primary Powernality™ types: COMMANDR™, ENERGIZR™, CALCULATR™, and PROTECTR™.
        • SuperHero Avatars and SuperPowered Emojis: Exploration of the primary avatars and their associated emojis (!!, ++, ??, &&), designed as visual and symbolic representations of the four Powernalities™. This section aims to familiarize participants with the easy-to-type emojis that facilitate the identification and expression of individual SuperPowers.
        • Presented Behavior Style vs. Preferred Behavior Style: Delve into the Powernality™ distinction between Presented Behavior Style (acquired characteristics influenced by the environment) and Preferred Behavior Style (innate characteristics, unchanging). This comparison sets the stage for understanding the authenticity of the inner self and its manifestation in one's personality. This is the key to understanding how the Powernality™ method, unlike a "personality test", actually works to help a person with self-improvement by getting to the core of who they were born to be.
      • Assessment and Recognition: Introduction to assessment tools and methodologies within Powernality™ that enable participants to identify their own Powernality™ type. Emphasis on self-discovery and the initial steps towards recognizing one's own SuperPowers and potential limitations.
      • Application and Impact: Discussion on the practical applications of understanding one's Powernality™, from personal growth to professional development. This includes insights into how Powernality™ can enhance communication, leadership, and team dynamics, as well as its broader implications for fostering a positive and empowering environment in various settings.

      Level 1 of the Powernality™ Certification Program lays the essential groundwork for participants, offering them a deep dive into the core principles and methodologies of Powernality™. Through this foundation, participants are prepared to embark on a transformative journey, unlocking their SuperPowers, and advancing towards realizing their full potential as their authentic Super-Self.

      Training Length: 10 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $1477.77

      Prerequisites: none

      Level 2 Certification Overview

      certification level 2 thumbnail

      Level 2:
      Interactions within Powernality™

      • Objective: To explore and understand the dynamic interactions between different Powernality™ types, focusing on the historical significance and the practical implications of these interactions in various spheres of life. This level aims to deepen participants’ understanding of how different Powernality™ types can complement, challenge, and enhance one another in personal, professional, and social contexts.
      • Focus Areas:
        • Conceptual Foundation: An in-depth examination of the Powernality™ Compass as it relates to an individual's Energy Generation, Speed, Mission Focus, and Priorities and how this impacts the interactions between different types. Introduction to the concepts of Cross, Counter, Contra, and Compeer interactions, providing a framework for understanding the complex dynamics at play.
        • Historical Significance: Exploration of the historical context and evolution of Powernality™ interactions, highlighting how these dynamics have influenced leadership, innovation, and societal progress. Case studies and examples will be used to illustrate the impactful roles these interactions have played across time.
        • Assessment and Recognition: Techniques for assessing and recognizing the nature of interactions between different Powernality™ types. Participants will learn to identify the potential for synergy, conflict, and growth within these interactions, enabling them to navigate and optimize their relationships more effectively.
        • Practical Application: Strategies for leveraging Powernality™ interactions in real-life scenarios, including conflict resolution, team building, and personal development. Emphasis will be placed on harnessing the strengths of each type to foster complementary and productive relationships.
      • Strategic Enhancement: Guidance on enhancing personal and professional interactions through a deepened understanding of Powernality™ dynamics. Participants will learn how to apply this knowledge to create harmonious and empowering environments, promote innovation, and achieve collective goals.

      By completing Level 2 of the Powernality™ Certification Program, participants will gain valuable insights into the interplay between different Powernality™ types and how these interactions can be navigated and optimized for personal growth, professional development, and the creation of positive, impactful relationships. This level equips individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and influence the complex web of human interactions through the lens of Powernality™.

      Training Length: 12 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $2477.77

      Prerequisites: Level 1 Certification


      Level 3 Certification Overview

      certification level 3 thumbnail

      Level 3:
      Advanced Application Dynamics

      • Objective: This level is designed to delve into the advanced applications of Powernality™, focusing on the nuanced dynamics of Hybrids and the sophisticated implementation of Powernality™ concepts in complex personal and professional scenarios. Participants will enhance their mastery of Powernality™, learning to navigate and apply its principles in diverse and challenging contexts for optimal personal growth and impact.
      • Focus Areas:
        • Conceptual Foundation: Comprehensive exploration of the concept of Hybrids within Powernality™, focusing on individuals who embody characteristics of adjacent Powernality™ quadrants. This segment will provide a deeper understanding of the fluidity and complexity within Powernality™ types, emphasizing the rare but impactful presence of Hybrid Powernalities™.
        • Advanced Assessment Techniques: Introduction to sophisticated assessment tools and methods designed to identify and understand Hybrid Powernalities™, alongside advanced strategies for engaging with complex individual profiles. This includes a detailed analysis of the nuanced expressions of SuperPowers and the potential for unique limitations.
        • Strategic Application: Detailed guidance on applying Powernality™ principles to address and harness the complexities of Hybrids in personal development, leadership, team dynamics, and conflict resolution. This includes strategies for leveraging the unique strengths of Hybrids and facilitating their integration within teams and organizations for enhanced synergy and innovation.
        • Case Studies and Real-World Examples: Examination of real-world scenarios and case studies that highlight the application of advanced Powernality™ dynamics, including the effective management and integration of Hybrid personalities in various settings. This practical approach aims to equip participants with actionable insights and strategies.
      • Innovative Problem-Solving: Emphasis on the use of advanced Powernality™ principles for innovative problem-solving and strategic decision-making in complex and rapidly changing environments. Participants will learn to apply their understanding of Powernality™ dynamics to foster creativity, resilience, and adaptability.

      Upon completing Level 3 of the Powernality™ Certification Program, participants will have a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of Powernality™, particularly the role and integration of Hybrids. They will be equipped with advanced skills and insights necessary for applying Powernality™ principles in complex scenarios, enhancing their ability to lead, innovate, and impact positively in diverse and challenging contexts. This level prepares individuals to navigate the subtleties of human behavior and relationships with sophistication and strategic acumen, leveraging the full spectrum of Powernality™ for personal and professional excellence.

      Training Length: 10 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $3477.77

      Prerequisites: Level 2 Certification

      Level 4 Certification Overview

      certification level 4 thumbnail

      Level 4:
      Understanding Power Status

      • Objective: To cultivate an in-depth understanding of Power Status, a pivotal concept in Powernality™, representing the metaphorical 'battery charge' that fuels an individual's ability to operate as their Best-Self or Defensive-Self. This level aims to equip participants with the tools and knowledge to consistently operate at a High Power Status, thereby maximizing their SuperPowers and minimizing the tendencies towards a SuperVillain manifestation.
      • Focus Areas:
        • Conceptual Foundation: Introduction to the concept of Power Status as an indicator of one's energetic and emotional charge. High Power Status is akin to operating with a full charge, enabling one to embody their Best Self, leveraging SuperPowers for positive influence and outcomes. Conversely, Low Power Status represents a depleted state, where defensive mechanisms predominate, and there is a higher risk of manifesting SuperVillain tendencies.
        • Assessment and Recognition: Techniques and strategies to assess one's current Power Status, recognizing the signs of both High and Low Power States. This includes identifying triggers that lead to energy depletion and strategies for recharging effectively.
        • Maintenance and Enhancement: Practical tools and exercises designed to maintain and enhance Power Status. This encompasses routines, practices, and mindset shifts that promote energy replenishment, resilience, and the consistent expression of one's Best Self.
        • Application to Powernality™ Dynamics: Applying the understanding of Power Status to navigate and optimize interactions between different Powernality™ types. Emphasis on how maintaining a High Power Status can positively influence both personal and professional relationships and environments.

      By delving into the nuances of Power Status, participants will learn to master their energy and emotional states, steering their Powernality™ towards heroic expressions and away from the pitfalls of villainous manifestations. This level not only focuses on self-awareness and self-regulation but also on the broader application of these principles to enhance interpersonal dynamics and create a positive impact in various spheres of life.

      Training Length: 18 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $4477.77

      Prerequisites: Level 3 Certification

      Level 5 Certification Overview

      certification level 5 thumbnail

      Level 5:
      Understanding SuperHeroes and SuperVillains

      • Objective: The pinnacle of the Powernality™ Certification Program, Level 5 focuses on the ethical and impactful use of one’s SuperPowers, delineating the fine line between embodying a SuperHero or veering towards a SuperVillain. This level aims to empower participants with the wisdom and discernment to consistently apply their SuperPowers for positive influence, ensuring their actions contribute to the greater good and align with the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility.
      • Focus Areas:
        • Conceptual Foundation: Exploration of the concepts of SuperHeroes and SuperVillains within the Powernality™ framework, emphasizing the ethical dimensions of using one’s SuperPowers. This includes a deep dive into the psychological and moral factors that influence an individual's trajectory towards heroism or villainy.
        • Ethical Application of SuperPowers: Strategies and principles for the ethical use of SuperPowers, including the importance of self-awareness, empathy, and social responsibility. Participants will learn how to navigate complex moral landscapes and make decisions that reflect their commitment to positive action and ethical leadership.
        • Assessment and Recognition: Advanced techniques for assessing one’s alignment with SuperHero or SuperVillain tendencies, including self-evaluation tools and feedback mechanisms. This focus area aims to foster introspection and continuous personal development, encouraging participants to strive for the highest expression of their Powernality™.
        • Real-World Implications: Examination of real-life examples and case studies showcasing the impact of SuperHeroes and SuperVillains in various sectors, including business, government, and community leadership. This segment highlights the profound influence that individuals, wielding their SuperPowers responsibly or irresponsibly, can have on their environments and society at large.
      • Transformational Leadership: Emphasis on developing transformational leadership qualities that embody the essence of a SuperHero, inspiring and mobilizing others towards a shared vision of positive change and collective well-being. Participants will explore how to harness their SuperPowers to lead by example, fostering environments where ethical behavior, innovation, and empowerment prevail.

      Upon completing Level 5 of the Powernality™ Certification Program, participants will emerge as enlightened leaders and change agents, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and ethical compass to use their SuperPowers for the greater good. This level solidifies their commitment to positive influence, guiding them to lead with integrity, inspire others, and make a lasting impact in their personal and professional spheres. Graduates of this level are not only masters of their Powernality™ but also exemplars of the transformative potential of harnessing one’s SuperPowers for the benefit of humanity.

      Training Length: 20 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $5577.77

      Prerequisites: Level 4 Certification

      Servanthood™ 101 Overview

      certification level 1 thumbnail

      SUPERPOWER'D Servanthood™ 101
      (fornerly Biblical Powernality™)

      Objective: To offer a comprehensive understanding of the biblical foundations of Powernality™, linking scriptural origins to the Powernality™ system. This level aims to integrate ancient scriptures with modern psychometric principles, revealing how the Bible has historically embraced these concepts from Genesis to Revelation.

      Focus Areas:

      Biblical Foundation: Introduction to the biblical basis of Powernality™, highlighting the strengths-based approach rooted in scripture. Detailed examination of how Genesis introduces the four types of humans in the Garden of Eden and traces their development through to The Revelation.

      Scriptural Characters and SuperPowers: In-depth analysis of key biblical characters whose traits align with the primary Powernality™ types: COMMANDR™, ENERGIZR™, CALCULATR™, and PROTECTR™. Exploration of how these characters embody the SuperPowers and how their stories illustrate psychometric principles, with references to the gospels and the teachings of Jesus.

      Introduction to Hebrew and Greek Terminology: Exploration of specific Hebrew and Koine Greek terms that correspond to Powernality™ attributes, providing a linguistic and historical context to the system. This includes understanding the scriptural foundations of psychometric assessments.

      Ezekiel's Vision and SuperHero Imagery: Examination of how the superheroes of Powernality™ are based on imagery from Ezekiel's vision, correlating these biblical symbols with the Powernality™ avatars.

      Early Church Fathers and Archetypes: Discussion on how the original early church fathers recognized these four archetypes, supporting the integration of Powernality™ principles into early Christian thought.

      Presented vs. Preferred Behavior Styles: Examination of the distinction between Presented Behavior Style (acquired characteristics) and Preferred Behavior Style (innate characteristics) in the context of biblical teachings. This will involve scriptural insights into the nature of the authentic self and its expression.

      Application and Impact: Discussion on how a biblical understanding of Powernality™ enables individuals to operate with a SUPERPOWER, enhancing personal growth, communication, leadership, and team dynamics within Christian contexts. Emphasis on the broader implications for fostering a faith-based, positive, and empowering environment.

      Level 1 of the SUPERPOWER'D Servanthood™ Certification Program provides participants with a profound understanding of the scriptural and linguistic foundations of Powernality™, preparing them for a transformative journey. Through this foundation, participants will unlock their biblical SuperPowers, advancing towards realizing their full potential as their authentic, scripturally-grounded Super-Self.

      Training Length: 12 hours

      Enrollment and Exam Tuition: $2477.00

      Prerequisites: none